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PLANTUS® was born out of our passion for plants and our desire to live healthy in a preserved nature.

We have always blended and infused natural plants to refresh us.


PLANTUS® drinks


Toddlers in our alpine lands, with our grandmothers, we discovered the plants used for generations by our ancestors. Among them are violet flowers for herbal teas, or arnica and plantain to treat bruises. Our grandfathers were picking the génépi, used in herbal teas and liqueurs. Then growing up, we discovered many other plants with original and very appreciable taste. All these plants will be used to create PLANTUS® drinks.


In 2005, following the path of our ancestors, we began to make up for our loved ones our own plant-based drinks: liqueurs, wines, syrups, herbal teas, lemonades and other non-alcoholic beverages. Encouraged by the success of these drinks with new plant original flavors, we discovered the emerging interest in beverages made from natural and organic products.

When making a choice to refresh ourselves (at coffee terraces, in restaurants, bars, at the spa, after the sport …), we only found waters or alcoholic drinks, sweetened and flavored. We were looking for an alternative to refresh us with the true flavors of natural plants obtained by an infusion process.

The idea was born to create plant-based drinks with only infused natural plants, healthy and pleasant to drink.


In 2016, more than ten years after we created the first drinks, the dream PLANTUS® becomes true: to offer drinks with infused natural plants, really healthy and natural.

PLANTUS® trademark is registered in 2017. Then a Research and Development program resulted in the start of the marketing of PLANTUS® drinks in March 2019.


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Our history

A precious heritage ...


We have always blended and infused natural plants to refresh us.
We are enjoying all the benefits of nature.


Nature is at the center of our life.
Sustaining the right ecosystem is our priority.
Our products

PLANTUS® drinks

We have always blended and infused natural plants to refresh us.
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Plus on la boit plus on l’aime !

Marcelline d’Annecy

Super bonne, j’aime beaucoup. Peut se boire à tout moment.

Géraldine de Genève

Jamais vu ! Alternative à toutes les boissons sans alcool hyper sucrées !

Boissons surprenantes, très agréables à déguster ou à boire pour se désaltérer ! Top !

Louiza de Genève

C’est important de se centrer sur la nature et l’éthique.

Une consommatrice à Genève

Je me sens vraiment bien après avoir bu cette boisson.

Un consommateur à Aix-en-Provence


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